Ingredient labels - do they make sense to you

Which additives are you MOST concerned about?

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Question: Do you think you know enough about the ingredients in your food, or would you like to know more?

Most people want more information on food ingredients


Are you fed-up eating toxic foods that make you put on weight and feel unwell?

Would you like to INSTANTLY know Wotsinit?™ before you buy that product in your hands?

Would you like to INSTANTLY know which products have ingredients you do not want in your body but that are hidden in the small print (again hidden in the small print)

Using our unique database of ingredients, developed over the last 30 years, Wotsinit makes this easy for you. We now have a limited number of free subscriptions to offer to our donors.

To make sure you get the help you need and to help us get Wotsinit?™ completed and launched as quickly as possible, we'd like to give you a FREE lifetime subscription to our app when you make even a small donation, with which we can pay developers to accelerate the final stages of our project.

If enough people donate even £1.50 (about $2), we'll be able to launch the project in just a few weeks, which would be great news for EVERYONE!

Lots of people who care about what they eat have already helped - what are you waiting for?

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Thank you, Brian,

NHIC Founder, Summer 2015